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Discover why P5 is a "True Smart City" technology!"


What does P5 technology do for the true smart city?

Increased amount of technology does not mean smarter city! While alternative ordinary solutions are only devoted to exploit lampposts for videosurveillance, to provide internet connectivity, or to dim street lights by means of powerline, Algorab P5 is a real smart city platform! Let's see how.


Smart lighting

Each lamppost equipped with Algorab P5 unit can be remote controlled: it's possible to dim its light intensity thus resulting in energy saving and lower light pollution), to dispatch alarms in case of malfunctioning and to collect data and statistics about its functioning.


Smart city network

At the same time, the P5-powered street light acts as a network routing node and contributes to the widespread propagation of the smart city wireless network! This P5 wireless infrastructure can influence social and economical growth, and accelerate the achievement of the smart city main goals: digital ingellicence,  social intelligence and environmental intelligence.

Comparison with ordinary lighting remote control platforms

  Ordinary systems for remote control of public lighting P5 smart city system
Light intensity controlled from remote
sì sì
Diagnostics of lamps carried out from remote
sì sì
Electrical wiring to carry and transport data
sì no
Radio-frequency data transmission
no sì
Data network performance independent from the low quality of electrical grid
no sì
Network topology free from electrical grid topology
no sì
Ideal technology to manage thousands of network nodes and sensors
no sì
High-bitrate technology
sì no
Technology suitable to connect battery-powered wireless sensors (smart metering for gas, water and calories, sensors for detecting parking lots occupancy, tracking of people and goods, remote monitoring of environmental accidents etc.)
no sì
Multiservice, scalable network infrastructure, designed to kick-start development of third-parties applications
no sì

How does it work?

P5 architecture

What does this drawing illustrate?

Street lamp / routing node

NR: routing nodes installed in the luminaire

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P5-SLC: the routing node designed to be installed inside the luminaire
P5-SLC, the routing node that transforms a lamppost into a wireless network node.

Each lamp post equipped with the tiny Algorab P5 unit becomes a routing node, and cooperates with other "P5 lampposts" to build the smart wireless network. At the same time, the P5 unit carries out the remote management of each lamp (dimming, diagnostics etc.)

luce OFF Street light in OFF mode
luce 50% Lamppost at reduced light intensity
luce 100% Lamppost at maximum light intensity
End device (sensor, actuator)End device (sensore, attuatore)

NS: sensor (end device)

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Some sensors belonging to the P5-ED family
Some battery powered P5 sensors

These devices are sensors (thermometers, accelerometers, occupancy detectors etc.) or actuators (electrically operated valves and locks, actuators etc.) connected to the P5 wireless network. The sensor nodes of the smart city wireless network can be used for remote managing a multitude of items, from waste bins to parking lots.

Sensor 2 routing node connection

Connection between sensor and routing node

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This connection is held for the strictly necessary time to exchange data between sensor and its parent routing node. When this activity is accomplished, the sensor goes back in asleep mode and the communication ends (except for specific configurations).

Routing node / routing node connection or routing node / coordinator connection

Connection between routing node / routing node (or routing node / gateway-network coordinator

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Persistent connection that keeps network nodes online and ready to forward data to other specific nodes or to the control centre.

Gateway and coordinator

Gateway and network coordinator

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Algorab RES-3: coordinator / gateway for developing P5 network
Algorab RES-3 is the gateway and network coordinator that runs a cluster of P5 lampposts

It's the gateway between a cluster of P5 lampposts and the cloud. It collects data from its cluster of P5 street lights and forwards them to a higher level network (fiber optics, cellular networks, WiFi networks and so on). In the same way, RES-3 receives instructions from the cloud, and forwards them to its cluster of P5 street lights.

Applications that P5 smart city network can enable

Below are summarized the first level applications enabled by the P5 smart infrastructure.

smart lighting

Smart lighting

Smart metering

Smart metering

smart parking

Smart parking

Support to waste management

Support to waste management

Remote control of irrigation

Smart irrigation

Public transportation

Support to public transportation

Advanced bike sharing

Smart bike sharing

Remote control of car / bike rechargers

Remote control of car recharge stations

Air pollution monitoring

Air pollution monitoring

Indoor and outdoor telehealth

Outdoor and indoor telehealth

People tracking

People tracking

Building automation and management

Remote management of buildings

Real time traffic flows analytics

Traffic flow analytics

Remote supervision of electrical boxes

Supervision of electrical boxes

Feeding of big data / open data platforms

Feeding of open data platforms

Coming applications

and other futuristics applications!


Installation of a P5 unit in the luminaire

A street light can be easily upgraded to a node of the smart city network!

Algorab P5 unit was designed for minimal overall dimensions and for maximum ease of installation!